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Why Are Urdu Translation Services Important?

It’s difficult to imagine a global company that is not doing business in the Urdu-speaking territories, or planning to go there with their products and services. Following are just some of the reasons why successful companies should outsource Urdu translation services:

1.Urdu is a widely spoken language. It’s among the 20 most spoken languages across the globe with around 160 million speakers in over 26 countries ─ which opens up a vast underserved market for your business.

  1. Combined, Urdu is a language spoken by hundreds of millions of people living in such countries as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Telangana, and Bihar. What an enormous demographic opportunity for your business to tap into!

Future Trans The Urdu Translation Company of Choice

Over the past 2 decades, Future Trans have been delivering superior Urdu translation services that enable the world’s big brands and companies to successfully market their products and services to draw the attention of  Urdu-speaking people (nationals and expats alike) across a wide spectrum of countries in the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

We’ve been, over this long period, supporting hundreds of clients in a broad range of industries, such as medical, technical, finance, telecommunication, legal, tourism and many more.

The Wide Array of Future Trans Language Services

In addition to Urdu translation services, Future Trans is an expert at providing a broad range of services, including:

Urdu Document Translation

We’re well known across the language industry with our professional team of Urdu translation services, who provide solutions that are customized to cater to every and each client – at best rates and with fast turnaround. 

Urdu Website Localization

Future Trans boasts a wide network of experts who will offer you top-quality solutions for Urdu website localization on budget and on time.

Urdu Software Localization

At Future Trans, our experts know that your software should be adapted so that it supports multiple languages and also can support multiple cultures ─ global not multilingual! They are versed in adapting the program/software with your clients’ languages and cultures in mind. 

Urdu Mobile Localization

It’s our job, at Future Trans, to help your business grow by adapting mobile app interface to look native to your target audiences across the globe, thus providing them with a good user experience in their mother tongues.  

Urdu Desktop Publishing

Whatever the kind of Urdu desktop publishing material ─ corporate brochures, packaging, business cards, posters or manuals, etc. ─ we deliver a fully integrated DTP solution, with quality and quick turnaround.  

Urdu Voice-over Services

With our priceless voice-over talents, we provide a comprehensive Urdu voice-over service ─ from the initial voice-over translation through to the production of the final video.  

Urdu Transcription Services

Over 25 years, we’ve established a good reputation for delivering Urdu transcription projects – very fast, with accuracy and at a very competitive price.

Urdu Dubbing Services

We pride ourselves on delivering a top-quality dubbing solution for your corporate films, TVCs, online marketing spots and e-Learning scenarios ─ which professionally replaces each speaker’s voice with corresponding Urdu-language audio, noting that no other vendor can ever surpass us when it comes to matching performance, pace & lip movements. 

Urdu Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

For big volume projects, or such projects as product description, knowledgebase, user-generated content, Future Trans has extensive expertise in providing professional machine translation post-editing service, that follows the most rigorous processes across the language services industry.

Urdu Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We are well known for our search engine marketing services, which comprise a variety of activities aiming to boost your website’s visibility when web visitors use such search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

Urdu SEO Services

Fully aware that selling gets faster and faster when “buyers are searching for you!”, our international SEO experts are versed in increasing your website visibility over such search engines as Yahoo, Google and Bing ─ thus increasing  traffic, generating leads and, consequently, taking your business to new levels of success. 

Industries Relying On Future Trans

We, at Future Trans, have been exceeding the expectations of our clients in a wide range of industries, including: 

Urdu Elearning Translation

Our premium e-learning translation service aims to benefit the companies which have already spent a lot of resources developing e-learning content to improve the knowledge of their employees, collaborators or clients in their own mother tongues. 

Urdu Medical Translation

Fully aware that medical translations need utmost precision and up-to-the-minute technical knowledge by every and each member of our expert translation team, Future Trans applies several levels of quality assurance so as to finally deliver the highest level of quality healthcare translation.

Urdu Legal Translation

When it comes to legal translation services, Future Trans ensures that all linguists translate only into their native language, and have extensive experience in the field of legal and patent translation. 

Urdu Automotive Translation

Priding ourselves on our full understanding of the automotive industry, our expert translators and engineers are versed in translating specific-automotive terminology, with a view to delivering top quality content that appeals to your Urdu-speaking audience. 

Urdu  Marketing Translation

We use our Urdu marketing translation services to make it possible for businesses to convey their message precisely, truthfully and speedily to their Urdu-speaking audiences in 26 countries.

The Trust of Our Clients Is Our Asset

More than anything else, we pride ourselves on our history of providing superior services to global brands and businesses, helping each of them to become number one in their sectors. The top-notch clients who trust us include Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber, Amazon, Coursera, and many others.

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