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When you’re running a successful business, you want your message to reach your target audience, true! Audio and visual clips can be a superb way to convey your brand to customers, however, many of us still love the good old-fashioned method of reading. The problem is, the spoken word and written word are two vastly different areas, meaning you cannot simply take the words from an audio or video file and expect it to translate into an article that is easy to read for your audience.

To truly take your brand to a new level, you need an audio/video to text transcription service. Our fast transcription services can take any audio or video file and convert it into a readable body of text that consolidates all the information that is most valuable to your business.

Types of Transcription Service

Audio and video transcription isn’t just converting the files into a written format, but it’s more than this. The transcription service itself might differ from one client to another based on the client’s requirement or how the client is going to use the transcribed file. Here are the types of transcriptions that we can offer:

  •         Academic – recording lectures is a popular method for both students and professors alike. The problem is, both of these groups are highly busy, with little time to transcribe multiple hours of audio and video files. Our fast transcription service is ideal for lectures, academic talks and seminars, where you can receive your text files ready for studying.
  •         Meetings – For businesses, meetings are an important part of business life, where agendas, goals and plans are set out. There’s no need to waste time or money employing a dedicated transcriber, though, as our fast audio and video transcription services can convert your meeting minutes into a text format in no time at all.
  •         Conference Calls – Just like business minutes, meetings can often be conducted via conference call. Often, we can miss details in these calls, so having a written text of everything said in that call can make your life far easier.
  •         Legal – Legal proceedings need to be accurate and sometimes they might be full of jargon where it can be hard to pick up every detail at the same time. By using our transcription service, you can keep an accurate detail of everything said.
  •         Interview – It doesn’t matter if you’re a journalist, lawyer, market research or simply keeping a record of business interviews – these can be incredibly time-consuming to transcribe to text. Instead, our fast transcription service can send over your text file in no time at all, letting you concentrate on other things.
  •         Text to Text – To transcribe recording to text is popular, but you may also have a fax or handwritten notes that need put in a text file too. Our transcription service can help with even the messiest of handwriting!
  •         Translation and Subtitling – If you need an audio or video file translated, then this is no problem for our multi-lingual transcribers. We can also add subtitles to your video files into multiple numbers of languages.

4 Steps for Transcription Service

We guarantee that we will deliver precise and accurate transcription service, besides being around the clock to serve you the best. To ensure this level of accuracy, we follow a 4-step process with all our audio and video transcription services:

1- Receiving your Files

Simply send over the audio or video files that you would like to have transcribed and how you would like it to be formatted.

2- Transcribing Files

Our native translators will get to work on your files, ensuring fast and accurate audio or video to text transcription in your chosen format.

3- Proof-reading

Dedicated proof-readers will look over your text to make sure everything is accurate and highly readable.

4- Quality Assurance

Once your text has passed our quality assurance, the final document will be ready to be sent back to you.

About Future Trans and Our Special Transcription Team

Our customers continually return to FutureTrans for the best audio and video transcription services, why?! Because our team of experts constantly transcribe audio to text to the highest levels and always exceeding the expectations of our customers every time.

Accuracy and speed are the fundamental values that FutureTrans work on. This means you are guaranteed to get the best in audio or video to text transcription services with our team.

What are you waiting for? No matter how big or small your project is, at FutureTrans you will be amazed by our excellent service and fast work.

Get in touch today to discuss your transcription needs.


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