Tigrinya Voice Over Translation

Make your content have a greater reach, have it globalised using our Tigrinya voice over translation services

Tigrinya as a language has almost 7 million speakers, and you can connect with those speakers by having your content translated into a Tigrinya voice-over. Our team of experts will take many forms of content, such as formal correspondence, e-books, and advertisements, translate them, and then work with professional voice actors to create a fully engaging voice-over.

What Can Tigrinya Voice Overs Be Used For?

Depending on your profession, Tigrinya voice overs can be used in a broad variety of manners. For example, if you are a self-published author, then having your work translated and recorded is a fantastic way to make your work available to new readers. Or perhaps your business works with disability services and requires multilingual voice-overs for your sight-impaired patrons. Tigrinya voice overs are also a great way to turn your website into a more engaging experience for consumers in or from Eritrea and large parts of Ethopia.

Is a Voice Over Just Some Person Talking Into a Microphone?

Perhaps it was once, but Future Trans takes full advantage of the latest technology. Our sound recording area is equipped with high-tech equipment, maintained by experienced professionals, and all voice overs are created by experienced voice actors.

Our aim is to always provide quality translations for our customers. We use the best, to make the best.

Are Voice Overs More Practical Than Traditional Translations?

In a way. Voice overs are a fantastic option for those working with a budget yet still need to reach new audiences, as they are highly effective and suitable for tight deadlines. If you need your content, be it video or audio, to connect strongly with your audience in their native language, then you should definitely consider our voice overs as a valid option.

What Makes Future Trans Stand Out from the Other Translation Companies?

Future Trans is a team of experienced and dedicated personnel that work hard to ensure your content not only is translated perfectly, but that it contains the same tone, nuances, and meanings as the original text. Our voice over talent are native speakers of Tigrinya, and will ensure smooth, flowing audio is produced. Further, we also take the extra step to make minor adjustments to localize your content.

Localization is a procedure that is largely unique to Future Trans, and it is a process that allows your content to deeply connect with those consuming it. Any Tigrinya Voice over translations that pass through our computers will be tailored to where the content will be consumed. This creates a voice over that will hold greater meaning for Tigrinya native speakers, and will contain layers of nuance that a direct translation by an inexperienced voice actor might miss.

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