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October 31, 20190

by Future Trans

Like every industry in the world (in fact every centimeter!), the language services industry, including the translation sector, has been greatly impacted by the recent technology revolution (why not call it silicon revolution?!) and its related flow of developments in the fields of telecom, IT and many others. The impact is undeniably so fundamental that it has affected every and each area of our life.

September 22, 20190

by Future Trans

When you are running a business and you are targeting local customers in your country, one of the ways to target them is through “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”. SEO is the process of increasing website traffic through non-paid or organic search engine results. It allows your website to get more traffic, as internet surfers are willing to visit websites that are related to their search terms. And in order to improve your ranking at search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, you need to create quality content that satisfies and appeals to your target audience. 

September 9, 20190

by Future Trans

A CAT tool stands for “Computer Aided Translation” or Computer-Assisted Translation”. CAT tools don’t include machine translation, as they depend entirely on humans, but they assist translators in managing translation projects so as to deliver better quality. CAT tools have various features. For example, some tools have online terminology databases, some are cloud-based software, some can work with different types of documents, and they all have translation memories which save previous translations for using them later.

August 28, 20190

by Future Trans

Localization is not merely translated a word by word, it goes beyond that. Many other elements should be taken into consideration while localizing like pictures, dates, currencies, names, prices, and colors.

People are regarded as visual creatures and colors normally play a vital role in their lives. Since colors might affect your decision, impact your health or change your appetite, so linguists should be pretty well aware of how people view and understand colors according to their different countries, languages, and religions.

July 27, 20190

by Future Trans

To capture international markets, your website plays a key role in attracting your audience into buying your products and services. That’s what makes the website localization a perfect strategy to elevate the chances of your success in the global marketplace. 

It is true that taking your business to the global audience can increase your profitability ratios; however, you will need to put in more effort once you decide to enter new markets. You can do that by localizing your website; this will let you gain the rewards.

June 27, 20190

by Future Trans

International companies invest a lot of money into looking for new markets to enter globally to increase their market share and double their sales. They always work on how to market their brands to impress more clients and this also applies to their existing markets. The marketing teams of these companies are constantly researching on the local trends and coming up with marketing ideas to fit these trends and build customers’ loyalty. International corporations and brands understand that they may have to tweak how they market their products in some countries according to the cultural appropriateness in order to increase its acceptability and success. MENA region is important for companies looking to expand globally. However, marketers of these companies have to carefully design their marketing campaigns in order to tap into the Arab market and culture.

June 26, 20190

by Future Trans

Artificial intelligence on a very basic level makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, add on new calculated inputs and perform human-like tasks. Most of the artificial intelligence examples we hear today, like self-driving cars or chess-playing computers basically, rely on natural language processing and deep learning. These technologies help computers to be trained and accomplish very specific tasks by processing data and by identifying patterns in that data. Artificial intelligence can offer improvements and solutions to problems through data processing and such learning.

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