Localization Engineering

Make your localization requirements to the next level

If you’re localizing tech, be it a website or mobile app, localization engineering helps to make sure that it all runs smoothly. Localization engineering is complex and considers areas such as broken codes or mistranslated content. It works with other localization services, such as software localization, to provide a complete product that is functional.

Localization engineering is a complex and meticulous process that demands technical expertise, which is why a translator alone will not do. With a variety of:

  • Software types
  • Different translation storing systems
  • Publishing formats
  • Different kinds and lengths of content
  • Syntax specifications, etc.

Our localization engineering process has been designed to couple knowledge and technique, so that your localization project can be quickly and efficiently completed. Our process includes a suite of automation solutions developed to reduce project costs, introduce efficiency and ensures the high quality of our services as well as their consistency.

Take advantage of Future Trans’ experts in localization engineering services


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