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For businesses to go global, they will definitely require interpreting services. Expanding your business into foreign markets means new chances to attend business meetings and conferences, where people might not be speaking the same language. Also, at courts and throughout legal proceedings, speakers of different languages have to communicate in legal settings.

Here comes the role of professional interpreters, who make communication possible between speakers of different languages. Therefore, successful companies are increasingly becoming aware of the important role of interpreting services in expanding their business horizons and pushing their brands across the globe.

Why We’re Your Perfect Interpreter Services Partner?

At Future Trans, we deliver first-rate interpreting services for a broad range of industries and fields, including medical, corporate and legal, in 120 languages. Yet, we have our own distinctive approach: We study each customer’s requirements and then choose the suitable interpreter who will do the job perfectly, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Moreover, when it comes to phone interpreting services or video remote interpreting, we’ve, over 20 years of hands-on experience, brought together an expert team comprising qualified, reliable and competent interpreters to help you communicate effectively and with ease.

What Types of Interpreting Services Do We Provide?

Now that you’re looking for an interpreter, you have to define which type of interpreting services that suit your specific business needs. Following are the main types:   

1-Phone Interpreting Services

We deliver round-the-clock phone interpreting services, available in all time zones and in all languages, through our qualified interpreters, who are experts in your language and versed in your industry’s terminology.

2-Video Remote Interpreting

Anywhere, anytime, and on any screen ─ desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone ─ our video remote interpreting services will provide you in a few seconds with a professional interpreter who will open a video chat between your organization’s representatives and any customers/stakeholders in any language you require. With our state-of-the-art interpreting technology solution, you’ll be bridging the communication gap in a fast and effective way.

Why Future Trans?

Whether you need phone interpreting services or video remote interpreting, it’s essential that you select the right interpreter services partner who has hands-on interpreting experience combined with extensive expertise in the subject matter.

Since day one, we’ve been working with a broad range of companies in multiple industries across the globe, providing them with professional interpreting services including phone interpreting services and video remote interpreting that help them bridge the language barrier at their business meetings and conferences, whether physical or virtual.

Also, there are other advantages to partnering with Future Trans! We’re an ISO 17100 certified language services provider that has an established reputation for delivering high-quality translation & localization projects to multinational giants in the industries of automotive, medical, legal, finance, technical, telecommunication, tourism, IT, education/e-learning, e-commerce, and many more.

Even though our success is primarily based on a highly qualified team of expert interpreters, we further support their efforts with the latest interpreting services technology.

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