Game Localization Services

We provide game localization solutions that help you win customers in the Middle East and Africa

The video game industry steadily climbs in importance, throughout markets around the world, and that naturally includes the Middle East and Africa. Video game localization and translation has become an ever more important feature, as game enthusiasts broaden beyond teenagers or young adults. With technology rapidly transforming a uniform experience into a personalized one, video game localization becomes a remarkably useful tool to achieve this goal. Successful video game localization depends on translation services that combine both native translators and technical expertise.

Video game localization requires much more than accurate translations. Core to successful video game localization is the creation of a seamless experience, where all users are able to share and enjoy equally.
The goal of our video game localization team is to help your company deliver precisely this unique experience to all your customers in the Middle East and Africa.

Our video game localization services include detailed and accurate solutions that will effectively deal with :

  •  Design
  • Layout changes
  • Character names
  • Video games setting
  • Subtitles
  • and much more.

So, avoid unnecessary blunders due to absurd translations.
With Future Trans your video game localization requirements will be taken care of professionally and cost-effectively.

Let us know about your video game localization requirements.


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