E-learning Localization

Make training simpler with our E-learning localization solutions.

E-learning localization requires experienced professionals to be effective, By ensuring the content is written in a way that is simple to understand and engages with your employees, wherever they are located, you can ensure that your level of training is consistent throughout your organization.

Future Trans’ e-learning localization solutions have already helped many companies efficiently train their staff across the Middle East and Africa.

Future Trans provides your company with an all-round e-learning localization service.

Translation of training materials in a variety of formats including:

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Interfaces
  • Online help files
  • Audio/video simulations
  • Video subtitles
  • Multilingual voice-over
  • Software and web-based platforms
  • Corresponding course documentation
  • Testing and assessment modules, and more.

Take advantage today of true e-learning localization professionals in the Middle East and Africa and Let our team of experts help your company conquer the markets in the Middle East and Africa!


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