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Future Trans Clinical Translation Services:

Clinical breakthroughs are transforming the entire medical field across the globe. With the advances being made on a daily level, it’s important for pharmaceutical companies to have their documents translated to gain global standing. Clinical translation is playing a pivotal role in clinical research these days. Whenever a pharmaceutical company is carrying out research which is meant for another region, it’s necessary to have that research translated into the local language so that it can be useful for the patients and local pharmaceutical companies alike.

For multi-national pharmaceutical and clinical research companies, it’s imperative to hire a medical translator who can be tasked with translating the clinical research region-wise. Over the years, it’s been reported that the patients only tend to welcome those foreign products, whose packaging details and user guides have been translated into their local language. Several brands lose their recognition if their clinical research is not translated and to cope up with this issue, Future Trans is offering top-quality clinical research translation services to several pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) across the globe.

Full-Fledged Clinical Translation for All Types of Documents:

The world-class clinical trial translation experts at Future Trans are seasoned linguists having years of experience in polishing their translation skills. Having set the first parameter to “delivering quality”, our dedicated translation experts are providing translation services for the clinical trial materials including:

  • Patient Safety Cards.
  • Clinical Trial Protocols.
  • Quality of Life Questionnaires.
  • Informed Consent Forms.
  • Patient Information Sheets.
  • Investigator’s Brochures.
  • Patient Diaries.
  • Case Report Forms.
  • Clinical Trial Agreements.
  • Clinical Trial Authorizations.
  • Investigational Drug Labels.
  • Ethics Committee Submissions.
  • Serious Adverse Event Reports.
  • Data Sheets.
  • Drug Registration Documents.
  • Insert Leaflets.
  • Dossiers.
  • Safety Update Reports.
  • Marketing Collateral.
  • Patient Recruitment Materials.
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures.
  • Pharmacological Studies.
  • Product Labels.
  • QoL Scales.
  • Regulatory Documents.
  • Scientific Papers.
  • Study Protocols.
  • Toxicology Reports & every other document which is related to clinical research.

Years of Experience in Delivering Quality Inbound Clinical Translation Services:

Our linguists are experts with medical background and their experience of over two decades in the field evidently speaks for their skill.

Clinical trial translation services at Future Trans have been designed to ensure:

  • Understandable regulatory material.
  • Effective global communication.
  • Error-free labeling & packaging.

We utilize the latest and most advanced technology to ensure quality and our flexible services allow our customers to offer suggestions to scale as per their business requirements. Moreover, our compliance with ISO 17100 standards promotes the level of professionalism we want to lend to your company.  


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