Why Localizing Into Arabic is More Than Just a Buzz Word?!


Why Localizing Into Arabic is More Than Just a Buzz Word?!

April 24, 20170

by Nehal Amer

With around 300 million native speakers, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world – making the demand for Arabic translation services more prominent than ever.

The Middle East and North African region (MENA) represents a huge market that many companies are already taking advantage of, bringing extensive expansion in software, digital, electronics, home appliances, and automotive industries to the Arab world.


5 Unexpected Facts About Translation Industry

May 1, 20140

by future-trans

Inc. among other business publications has listed the translation industry as one of the most promising industries in 2014. Although a lot is said about the translation industry, not everything is blurted out. Here are 5 unexpected facts about the translation industry:-


The Fuss about Transcreation Services

May 30, 20130

by future-trans


“Transcreation services are the services provided by professional language translators during translation to ensure that the original content and meaning of the message in the source document is not lost during translation”


The delicate matter that is legal translation service

March 30, 20130

by future-trans

“Legal translation service is entirely different from translation services on other fields. Laws are the very backbones that hold societies intact”

Unmasking legal translation service


About English to Farsi translation

March 29, 20130

by future-trans

Farsi is widely referred to among English speakers as Persian language. This is an Iranian language that the natives of Iran refer to it as Farsi. It boasts of over a hundred and ten million speakers in over eight countries. English to Farsi translation is therefore bound to serve a wide audience. It has a rich history most notably being the first language to break from the gripping influence of Arabic in Muslim literature. It is prudent to get acquainted with this before setting out to conduct English to Farsi translation.


Future Trans Limited Named One of the Fastest Growing LSPs

March 28, 20130

by future-trans


Future Trans Limited Named One of the Fastest Growing LSPs

Future Trans Limited which is a leading provider of professional translation services in the Middle East and Africa has been named one of the fastest growing LSPs by Common Sense Advisory.


A Peek into Medical Translation Services

March 25, 20130

by future-trans

“Medical translation services are certainly here to stay. It is however essential for both providers and seekers of these services to appreciate their sensitivity. This will certainly go a long way in preserving life”.


The World of Transcription Services

March 24, 20130

by future-trans

“In the world of transcription services, there are two distinct methods of transcription: dictation and interview transcription. In dictation, one person recites or dictates while the other jots down the verbal words into written words”.


Interesting Facts To Know Before Seeking Turkish Translation

March 23, 20130

by future-trans

The Turkish language is among the Ural-Altaic ensemble of languages. Due to the nomadic lifestyle of the original speakers of these languages, the languages are spoken over a wide geographical area. The Turkish language is the most widely spoken language among them boasting of over sixty million native speakers in the world.


The Need For Expert Hebrew Translation

March 21, 20131

by future-trans

Disparate forms of the Hebrew language were synchronized by efforts by many individuals among them the famous Ben-Yehuda into a common New/Modern Hebrew language. This language is now the official language in Israel alongside Arabic. The Academy of the Hebrew language is the organization charged with the responsibility of coining New Hebrew language words to keep up with modern trends. I

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