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April 24, 20170

by Nehal Amer

With around 300 million native speakers, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world – making the demand for Arabic translation services more prominent than ever.

The Middle East and North African region (MENA) represents a huge market that many companies are already taking advantage of, bringing extensive expansion in software, digital, electronics, home appliances, and automotive industries to the Arab world.

March 29, 20130

by future-trans

Farsi is widely referred to among English speakers as Persian language. This is an Iranian language that the natives of Iran refer to it as Farsi. It boasts of over a hundred and ten million speakers in over eight countries. English to Farsi translation is therefore bound to serve a wide audience. It has a rich history most notably being the first language to break from the gripping influence of Arabic in Muslim literature. It is prudent to get acquainted with this before setting out to conduct English to Farsi translation.

March 21, 20131

by future-trans

Disparate forms of the Hebrew language were synchronized by efforts by many individuals among them the famous Ben-Yehuda into a common New/Modern Hebrew language. This language is now the official language in Israel alongside Arabic. The Academy of the Hebrew language is the organization charged with the responsibility of coining New Hebrew language words to keep up with modern trends. I

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