How Can Life Sciences Translation Services Improve Patient Safety?


How Can Life Sciences Translation Services Improve Patient Safety?

September 19, 20190

by Future Trans

We’ll get started by jotting down two notes and a conclusion. First, a drug label is all the printed (and possibly digital) information included with any medication. We can simply describe it as the printed, or graphic materials upon a drug container or wrapper ─ which includes contents, indications, effects, dosages, routes, methods, frequency and duration of administration, warnings, hazards, contraindications, side effects, precautions, etc.


5 CAT Tools Every Translation Company Should Have

September 9, 20190

by Future Trans

A CAT tool stands for “Computer Aided Translation” or Computer-Assisted Translation”. CAT tools don’t include machine translation, as they depend entirely on humans, but they assist translators in managing translation projects so as to deliver better quality. CAT tools have various features. For example, some tools have online terminology databases, some are cloud-based software, some can work with different types of documents, and they all have translation memories which save previous translations for using them later.


How Are Life Sciences Translation Services & Digitalization Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?

August 30, 20190

by Future Trans

Whether you call it “digital health revolution”, or “digital transformation of healthcare”, or even “healthcare digitalization” ─ the crux of the issue consists in groundbreaking digital health solutions, developed by innovators and researchers, that are fundamentally revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered all over the world. 


How Legal Document Translation is Key to your Business Success?

August 27, 20190

by Future Trans

Legal document translation is often labeled as one of the most challenging types of translation, as it blends the accurate, precise terminology typical of technical translation and the creativity that characterizes literary translation.

Why Do Businesses Need Legal Document Translation Services?


How to Choose Your partner for Financial Document Translation Services?

August 26, 20190

by Future Trans

The world is currently witnessing increasing globalization of the financial industry, with its various types of businesses ─ investment funds, credit unions, banks, accountancy companies, insurance firms, stock brokerages, credit-card companies and others.

From banking to insurance to investment management to securities, the financial industry, 11 years after the global financial crisis, is now focusing attention on governance, new technology challenges, and, most importantly, the rising trend of individual countries having their own financial laws and regulations.


Why Automotive Translation Services Make the Difference in the Auto Sector?

August 18, 20190

by Future Trans

The automotive sector has globally gained this leading position because it is an industry that is closely connected with the daily lives of people in almost every country worldwide. And don’t forget that the sector usually comprises some of the top companies across the world.

The automotive industry, however, was gaining ground in 2018 and is still making considerable headway in 2019. According to car sales statistics, around 86 million cars were sold in the top 54 world markets in 2018, while the Ford F-Series, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Civic were the top-selling car models worldwide.


9 Points to Consider The Right Language Service Provider (LSP) For Your Business

July 30, 20190

by Future Trans

It is of utmost importance to have a language service provider (LSP) if you want to penetrate into new markets and expand your business. However, it can be an uphill task to look for a partner that understands your strategic goals.


7 Simple Steps to Kick-start Your Website Localization Process

July 27, 20190

by Future Trans

To capture international markets, your website plays a key role in attracting your audience into buying your products and services. That’s what makes the website localization a perfect strategy to elevate the chances of your success in the global marketplace. 

It is true that taking your business to the global audience can increase your profitability ratios; however, you will need to put in more effort once you decide to enter new markets. You can do that by localizing your website; this will let you gain the rewards.


The Impact of Product Localization on Your Business

July 25, 20190

by Future Trans

It is essential to identify the target market if you want to demonstrate unprecedented growth on a global scale. Leverage all your time and resources in conducting market research to carry out an effective product localization strategy. 


Need for Patient Engagement in Pharma Today

July 18, 20190

by Future Trans

Pharmaceutical and clinical industries are facing fierce demands from insurers, regulators, independent groups and consumers every day. In order to improve clinical trials and the drug discovery process, it is important to build better communication and links between all the stakeholders. This means that pharmaceutical and clinical industries need to have better patient engagement to achieve better outcomes. Such a conclusion was supported by a report released by PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) named “Patient Engagement: Pharma’s Strategy for Success in the New Health Economy.

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