Retail Business in MENA and the Future of E-Commerce


Retail Business in MENA and the Future of E-Commerce

December 4, 20180

by Future Trans

It would be easy to assume that MENA is at the starting phase of online retail when compared to its Western alternatives, but the fact is that a lot of investors have seen potential investors keen to tap into the e-commerce sector in MENA.


How Can Translation Services Help Syrian Refugees?

November 26, 20180

by Future Trans

Translation services are commonplace in several industries, but in some instances, the use of translation services could make all the difference between life and death.

Not everyone will know the full details in Syrian immigration, but it stems back to a civil war that began in 2011. The brutal conflict meant that the lives of everyday people were under constant threat, leaving no option but to seek pastures new.


Digital Business is the pivotal of success in Middle East!

August 23, 20180

by Future Trans

A colossal digital revolution is steadily approaching the Middle East landscape. A recent GSMA research outline that currently there are almost 263 million smartphones being used in the MENA region. While smartphones have infused the US at a 91% rate, there is a good 86% users who are constantly on their smartphones in Saudi Arabia. Not forgetting UAE in the Middle East which rates a smartphone usage rage of nearly 100%.

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