How Can Life Sciences Translation Services Improve Patient Safety?


How Can Life Sciences Translation Services Improve Patient Safety?

September 19, 20190

by Future Trans

We’ll get started by jotting down two notes and a conclusion. First, a drug label is all the printed (and possibly digital) information included with any medication. We can simply describe it as the printed, or graphic materials upon a drug container or wrapper ─ which includes contents, indications, effects, dosages, routes, methods, frequency and duration of administration, warnings, hazards, contraindications, side effects, precautions, etc.


Can Biotechnology Translation Help the Industry Ride the 4th Revolution?

September 9, 20190

by Future Trans

Is it true that biotechnology businesses are different from pharma companies? To answer the question, let’s cut the argument short. Even though both biotech companies and pharmaceutical businesses manufacture medicines at the end of the day, yet the drugs produced by pharma companies mostly have a chemical basis, while those made by biotech businesses usually come from living organisms. 


How Are Life Sciences Translation Services & Digitalization Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?

August 30, 20190

by Future Trans

Whether you call it “digital health revolution”, or “digital transformation of healthcare”, or even “healthcare digitalization” ─ the crux of the issue consists in groundbreaking digital health solutions, developed by innovators and researchers, that are fundamentally revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered all over the world. 


4 Benefits of Medical Reports Translation

August 28, 20190

by Future Trans

Medical translation is not merely important for medical and health care service providers but it’s essential for patients as well. Patients who speak different languages than their physicians need a way to communicate with them for better results. Translating medical documents like medical records, post-discharge instructions and access documents are now inevitable for cross-border healthcare services.


10 Key Trends to Watch out in Life Sciences Industry

August 27, 20190

by Future Trans

The life sciences sector includes companies engaged in biotechnology, environmental, life systems technologies, pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. It usually refers to the organizations that are devoting themselves to research and development, commercialization and technology transfer in these areas.


Pharma Marketing Trends That You Shouldn’t Miss in 2019

August 14, 20190

by Future Trans

There is no doubt about the immense importance of the pharma industry, which is making a huge impact on every and each individual, community and country across the globe. That’s why a wide array of stakeholders ─ individuals, governments, regulators and others ─ are constantly following the current developments of the global pharmaceutical market, whose revenue reached $1209 billion in 2017 and it’s expected to reach $2,457 billion by 2030, according to AASTOCK.


Why are Life Science Translation Services Vital for E-labeling?

July 29, 20190

by Future Trans

As we talk about the role of life science translation services within the life science industry’s global outlook this year and in the coming years, we’d certainly get inspired by the observation that the “medical device market in the EU accounts for one third of the global market, with around $122.5 billion (est. 2011) in yearly revenue” ─ according to the regulatory consulting firm, Emergo by UL,.


Need for Patient Engagement in Pharma Today

July 18, 20190

by Future Trans

Pharmaceutical and clinical industries are facing fierce demands from insurers, regulators, independent groups and consumers every day. In order to improve clinical trials and the drug discovery process, it is important to build better communication and links between all the stakeholders. This means that pharmaceutical and clinical industries need to have better patient engagement to achieve better outcomes. Such a conclusion was supported by a report released by PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) named “Patient Engagement: Pharma’s Strategy for Success in the New Health Economy.


Future Trans launches Life Science Translation Division

July 9, 20190

by Future Trans

A leading international player, Future Trans, which has been successfully carrying out its operations in the Middle East and the United States, has finally announced the launch of its new venture “Future Trans Life Science”, it will offer revolutionized localization services for all life science fields like healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and many more. Moreover, boasting the right principles and decades of experience, the company has been spreading its roots all over the Middle East with an aim to connect with potential customers across the globe.


5 Million Words Translation in 10 days!

August 28, 20180

by Future Trans

The client is a top vendor from Singapore in biomedical sciences that creates and sells medical equipment. The company is a global corporate giant found in more than 20 countries and has approximately 15000 employees. The types of clients served by this business are life science researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories and healthcare institutions.

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