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July 9, 20190

by Future Trans

A leading international player, Future Trans, which has been successfully carrying out its operations in the Middle East and the United States, has finally announced the launch of its new venture “Future Trans Life Science”, it will offer revolutionized localization services for all life science fields like healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and many more. Moreover, boasting the right principles and decades of experience, the company has been spreading its roots all over the Middle East with an aim to connect with potential customers across the globe.

August 28, 20180

by Future Trans

The client is a top vendor from Singapore in biomedical sciences that creates and sells medical equipment. The company is a global corporate giant found in more than 20 countries and has approximately 15000 employees. The types of clients served by this business are life science researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories and healthcare institutions.

August 13, 20180

by Future Trans

Building Value Beyond Translation

When competing in a specific industry, it becomes more important to find ways to be a unique vendor within that industry.  We provide our clients with published relevant material within the uprising life sciences industry. We understand that our clients are looking for ways to stand out among their competitors, and that’s what we offer: assistance in tapping into new markets that provide more opportunities for vendors.