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August 28, 20190

by Future Trans

Localization is not merely translated a word by word, it goes beyond that. Many other elements should be taken into consideration while localizing like pictures, dates, currencies, names, prices, and colors.

People are regarded as visual creatures and colors normally play a vital role in their lives. Since colors might affect your decision, impact your health or change your appetite, so linguists should be pretty well aware of how people view and understand colors according to their different countries, languages, and religions.

August 28, 20190

by Future Trans

Medical translation is not merely important for medical and health care service providers but it’s essential for patients as well. Patients who speak different languages than their physicians need a way to communicate with them for better results. Translating medical documents like medical records, post-discharge instructions and access documents are now inevitable for cross-border healthcare services.

June 23, 20190

by Future Trans

International brands are always working to impress their customers and to create a buzz around their names. Companies are now obsessed with their customers and they are competing to make them feel close to them. They started to use local public figures to attract and build loyalty to their brand. So let us see who was successful to impress more customers!

March 24, 20190

by Future Trans

If you are traveling in a group or solo, you need to gather all the needed information that will make your trip easier. Technology now made this more easier! With hundreds of apps that are available, you can book your ticket, hotel and restaurant with one click.

August 30, 20180

by Future Trans

Localizing your Social media content allows you to reach your customers from anywhere in the world with an influential appeal each time. For instance when a company localizes its Facebook page specific to different countries around the world, it allows the brand management department of the company to advertise summer clothes in the UAE while still promoting winter apparels and accessories in Canada. Their marketing becomes specific to each niche but in a very convenient manner, all due to the localization of their social media campaigns.

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