9 Points to Consider The Right Language Service Provider (LSP) For Your Business


9 Points to Consider The Right Language Service Provider (LSP) For Your Business

July 30, 20190

by Future Trans

It is of utmost importance to have a language service provider (LSP) if you want to penetrate into new markets and expand your business. However, it can be an uphill task to look for a partner that understands your strategic goals.


Elearning Localization Process Made for Success

May 29, 20190

by Future Trans

The term “Elearning” has picked up popularity in recent years and you’d see it all over the internet now. It was first mentioned back in 1999 during a CBT Systems seminar. The term today refers to instant access to online study and training resources that let millions of learners to get a new skill set remotely.


Localization: Factors that Affect Elearning Translation

May 19, 20190

by Future Trans

Technology is improving all aspects and spheres of our lives including the education sector. That’s right; technology is now taking strong roots into the traditional learning system and changing it forever. The traditional learning involves brick-and-mortar building or a physical location in which students gather and an instructor teaches them for a specific time several times a week.


Is ELearning Really Taking Over Traditional Learning?

May 14, 20190

by Future Trans

Technologies have had a significant impact on all spheres of our lives so it is not a surprise that we’re seeing changes in the education sector too. Before technology, the traditional methods of learning with a physical location and scheduled learning classes were the norm but now e-learning is on the rise.


Do You Know How To Expand The Reach Of Student Exchange Programs?

March 28, 20190

by Future Trans

Recently many organizations are tailoring student exchange programs to develop and encourage the movement of ideas, culture, habits and people across international boundaries. Other programs have different goals like improve the language and communications skills with foreign people, train students to work in international markets or to promote peaceful relations between countries.


Imagine If These Travel Websites Weren’t Translated!

March 13, 20190

by future-trans

Today, millions of people all over the world enjoy traveling both for business and pleasure. The average person visits at least 14 different countries in their lifetime, with UK residents alone making over 65 million visits overseas in a single year. Many of those travelers use the internet heavily when researching, planning and booking their trips. Sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Trivago and Booking.com are just some of the popular travel websites that help to arrange the perfect holiday. Any website that bases its business on the travel and tourism industry needs translation services to ensure that their site is properly localized. That’s why every business should be aware of the importance of website localization services.


10 Reasons Why Mobile Application Startups Need Localization!

August 27, 20180

by Future Trans

Future Trans defines app localization services as the adaptation of mobile application content to meet the language and cultural requirements of a specific target market. This includes:

  • Numeric, date, time formats
  • Currency formats, symbols, icons and colors
  • Text, and graphics.

Digital Business is the pivotal of success in Middle East!

August 23, 20180

by Future Trans

A colossal digital revolution is steadily approaching the Middle East landscape. A recent GSMA research outline that currently there are almost 263 million smartphones being used in the MENA region. While smartphones have infused the US at a 91% rate, there is a good 86% users who are constantly on their smartphones in Saudi Arabia. Not forgetting UAE in the Middle East which rates a smartphone usage rage of nearly 100%.


How can translation companies help influencers reach global readers?

July 31, 20180

by Future Trans


Influencers are people who establish a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. Their posts, blogs, marketing approaches and even their smallest remark over a global concern becomes a reason to engage global readers. The following are prominent categories of influencers:


10 Facts about Amharic and Amharas!

July 24, 20180

by Future Trans

“Treasured within the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is an amalgamation of history and diversity that has been constructed brick by brick; and at its historic roots lies the essence of its concocting acquaintance with Amharic.”

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