Retail Business in MENA and the Future of E-Commerce


Retail Business in MENA and the Future of E-Commerce

December 4, 20180

by Future Trans

It would be easy to assume that MENA is at the starting phase of online retail when compared to its Western alternatives, but the fact is that a lot of investors have seen potential investors keen to tap into the e-commerce sector in MENA.


10 Facts about Somali and Somali People

September 23, 20180

by Future Trans

Somalia is a country in the Horn of Africa, which also happens to be a peninsula and the most eastern area of the African continent. There are an estimated 14 million people living in Somalia as of 2016. They are better known as Somalis or the Somali people. The primary religion of the Somalis is Islam, making Somalia an Islamic nation. This means the traditional Muslim-based laws and customs are prominent in the society.  Most notably, women are treated as second-class citizens and they must be subservient to men.


10 Facts about Kurdish and Kurds!

August 8, 20180

by Future Trans

Kurds – A Stateless yet Eminent National Group

The Kurds successfully managed to establish a reputation of themselves as a strong, united and diverse cultural group, but they are undeniably still recognized as a stateless national group within our practically independent globe.

Kurdish – The Official Language of Kurdistan
There are two prominent dialects that are used by a majority of Kurds:


10 Facts about Amharic and Amharas!

July 24, 20180

by Future Trans

“Treasured within the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is an amalgamation of history and diversity that has been constructed brick by brick; and at its historic roots lies the essence of its concocting acquaintance with Amharic.”



July 15, 20180

by Future Trans

From the perspective of a business-oriented frame of mind, Africa’s boom just initiated in the last few years, and it is yet to go a long way in order to reap massive earnings. About two decades ago, Africa sketched an outline that routed to an imaginable boom in the tech industry; something that never before was even thought of in the continent.


Amazing Facts about the Swahili and Waswahili People!

June 11, 20180

by Future Trans

The Swahili people are fascinating, with a rich and exciting culture which remains a mystery to many outside of Eastern Africa, where this ethnic and cultural group originates. From a distinctive language to popular customers and modes of living, here is a complete guide to all you ever wanted to know about the Swahili and Waswahili people…


Things You Should Know about Africa Day!

May 24, 20180

by Future Trans

The upcoming 25th May marks Africa Day, but what does that mean for the world at large? The day celebrates the foundation of the Organisation for African Unity (otherwise known as OAU). This historic day took place on May 25th, 1963 – and the day itself is now celebrated throughout the world. Here’s what to expect from this year’s global event…


Facts about Zulu Culture, Language & People

April 23, 20180

by Future Trans

The Zulu Language is known as isiZulu, the language of the Zulu people, with it’s dominant area being the Zulu population living in South Africa. Zulu has around 10 million speakers as a first language, and 95% of these reside in South Africa, as well as over fifteen million second-language speakers. In addition, Zulu is understood by over 50% of the area’s population – making it one of South Africa’s official languages as of 1994. isiZulu is part of the Nguni subgroup of languages, and more than half of the population of South Africa are able to understand it. 

Eager to find out more about the Zulu language, culture and people? Read on…


The Relationship Between Japan and Middle East

April 1, 20180

by Future Trans

Japan and the Middle East have a complex relationship, which often calls for clear and direct communication. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the ways in which the two regions have related to one another through the years, and how correct and accurate translation helps to make all the difference when it comes to affirming international relationships.


Middle Eastern and African Economies — Outlook For 2018

January 14, 20180

by Nehal Amer

A new report by the International Monetary Fund suggests that most Middle Eastern and African economies are set to grow strongly in 2018.  The report says that growth in the Middle East and North African countries is expected to reach 3.5% in the coming year — faster than most developed countries.

The improvement in MENA economies is a welcome change after a couple of years of political instability and a slow down in the major economies in the region.  The improved outlook means there will be some excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.

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