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November 19, 20190

by future-trans

We have to admit it! Yes, sometimes the health of newborn babies is in danger due to lack of communication between doctors and parents. 

We also have to do something more positive to make it possible for parents of the infants who are born prematurely, or newborns with poor health, to communicate better with healthcare professionals in order for them to take a greater part in the care of their kids.

October 31, 20190

by future-trans

Like every industry in the world (in fact every centimeter!), the language services industry, including the translation sector, has been greatly impacted by the recent technology revolution (why not call it silicon revolution?!) and its related flow of developments in the fields of telecom, IT and many others. The impact is undeniably so fundamental that it has affected every and each area of our life.

October 13, 20190

by future-trans

In the USA and Europe, everyone knows that the food and drug producers’ business doesn’t end with their food or drug products launched for distribution and that any food or drug product should be labeled first.

This food and drug producers’ work is regulated in the USA and all European nations by specific government agencies to ensure that the safety measures are strictly followed and public health is safeguarded. 

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