Biotechnology Translation

Biotechnology & Why the Associated Material Needs Accurate Translation:

Over the course of recent years, biotechnology has emerged out as one of the most distinguished fields having global implications. Being around for more than 6000 years, biotechnology deals with the study of biomolecular processes in order to create life-changing medical products. Now, this field has transformed into a billion dollar industry and has also expanded its reach to a global audience. For this kind of progress to continue, the translation of the research material being produced by biotechnologists across the globe is quite essential and that’s why Future Trans is here for. Having successfully translated hundreds of documents, ranging from patent protection forms to clinical trials and global marketing, Future Trans has managed to maintain a profound reputation when it comes to biotechnology translation.  

Types of Biotechnology Documents We Translate at Future Trans:

Being a veteran in the translation and localization industry, Future Trans is not only familiar with the field of biotechnology but also our world-class linguists are equipped with the knowledge of all the necessary processes which constitute biomolecular research.

The pharmaceutical and biotech translation experts at Future Trans are quite capable of translating the following documents:

  • Genetic Testing Reports.
  • Biomolecular Interpretation Manuals.
  • Patient Recruitment Materials.
  • IRB/IEC Documentation.
  • Case Report Forms.
  • Patient Surveys & Diaries.
  • Research & Development Studies.
  • Pharmacological Studies.
  • Product Information & Labelling.
  • Scientific Brochures & Articles.
  • Cell Biology Papers.
  • Biochemical Documents.
  • Bioinformatics Research Material.
  • Evolutionary Genetics Information.
  • Clinical Trial Agreements.
  • Registration Dossiers.
  • Adverse Event Report Forms.
  • Informed Consent Forms.
  • QMS Audit Documentation.
  • Pharmacovigilance Reports.
  • Promotional Material.
  • Marketing Collateral.
  • Deviation Reports & so much more!

Future Trans – Providing Certified Language Services:

Before we hand over our clients’ documents for translation, our entire team of linguists has to go through a well-formulated testing procedure where we pick the right people for the job. We ensure that our clients are served by certified industry professionals who are equipped with sufficient education, professional expertise and have a strong medical background. Being an ISO 17100 certified language service provider, our medical translators follow the highest standards of quality assurance. Each and every member of the translation team has to go through every word of the document since we don’t want to compromise the quality by rushing the deliverable through the entire supply chain.


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