About Future Trans

Future Trans is your Gate to Middle East & Africa

We’re proud to be an accredited and trusted provider of translation services into Middle Eastern and African languages with offices in Egypt, Canada, USA, and soon in Turkey.

Future Trans is an ISO 17100 certified language service provider, we’ve worked with global and local businesses alike to translate and localize their content for more than 20 years, building up a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight, as well as a database of satisfied customers.

Our success is based on a highly qualified team of qualified translators and our deep understanding of business needs.

Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of the translation sector, adopting inventive and forward-thinking technology to ensure our standards always remain high. We use the latest versions of quality assurance and project management tools, keeping our projects on track and meeting customer expectations every time. Combined with the extensive skills of our 60 in-house professional team, the technology we use means that we consistently provide translated and localized content that meets all the needs of each client, whatever their goals and target market.

We support customer aims of reaching a new market in the region and connecting with potential consumers.

Future Trans has been operating within
the translation sector for 23 years


We handled over 28,000 Projects

We work with clients from all over the world
We proudly serve over 320 loyal clients


We translate into 115 different languages

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