The Importance Of Website Localisation

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The Importance Of Website Localisation

October 31, 20170

by future-trans

When we first meet somebody new, we gain an impression of that person within six seconds through a number of points of contact including face, voice and presentation.  For a company, the website is the “face and voice” of the organisation and that first impression counts.

Today, most companies understand the importance of making their websites accessible to people within different countries and therefore add different language options to their sites, however, simple translation is just not enough.  


Giving Tcworld A Ten – Why Future Trans Will Be In Stuttgart This Year?

October 19, 20170

by future-trans

At Future Trans, we understand that the world doesn’t stand still for a moment – which is why we don’t either.  We combine the extensive skills of over 60 in-house professionals with the latest technology to ensure that we provide consistent and accurate translation and localisation for every client, every time.   


East Meets West As Arabic Becomes The Second Most Popular Language In Sweden!

October 8, 20170

by future-trans

It may come as a surprise to many that the second most common language spoken in Sweden is, in fact, Arabic.

Located in Northern Europe and known for its icy temperatures and blonde-haired, blue-eyed inhabitants, Sweden has a population of just 10 million people and seems an unlikely place to hear the Arabic language.


Making A Connection In The Translation Industry

October 1, 20170

by future-trans

They say that no man is an island and this is never more true than it is in business.  Every industry in the world relies on a solid network of contacts forming a web of invaluable resources and support.  A successful translation agency relies on a solid team of professionals to make it work – everybody in the team, from receptionists to business development executives have a part to play in ensuring that the business is the best that it can be.


Speaking The Same Language As We Celebrate Language Translation Day

September 27, 20170

by future-trans

This year, the 30th September marks an important date in the translation world calendar – International Translation Day.

Although this annual milestone doesn’t, sadly, count as a holiday, it is nonetheless an important date which brings with it a number of exciting events.

Since 1953, the event has been celebrated on the 30th September on the feast of St Jerome, the Bible translator and patron saint of translators.


Translation Bridges The Gap For MENA Start Ups

September 26, 20170

by future-trans

The increased availability of fast, affordable internet and digital services has seen the number of new businesses and start ups around the world increase exponentially over the last few years and none more so than in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) region.

According to Magnitt, the networking platform for start ups in the Middle East, 2016 saw an investment of $889 million in new businesses across MENA with predicted figures set to rise for 2017.


One Road, One World – China’s Path To Africa

August 29, 20170

by future-trans

We’re all aware of China’s considerable clout in the business and technology sectors around the world.  Most households across the globe contain at least one appliance or piece of equipment manufactured within Asia’s most influential country.  Although much is known about China’s manufacturing, the country is also extremely active in other areas.  


Great Account Managers Translate To Repeat Business

August 21, 20170

by future-trans

It goes without saying that when enlisting the services of a translation agency, it is hugely important that the translator is reliable, fluent and aware of regional differences and colloquialisms.  The actual translator, however, is just one part of a team which, together, forms a reputable and successful translation agency.


How Our World Would End If Translation Disappeared!

August 13, 20170

by future-trans

Imagine going to your local doctor, bank or supermarket and discovering that you are unable to communicate with the people there as you did not understand their language and vice versa.  How would you tell the doctor what was wrong or explain to the bank clerk that you would like to open an account?


Why Freelancers Hate Translation Technology!

August 3, 20170

by future-trans

In today’s world, technology is increasingly important in our day to day lives.  Most of us have used two or three types of technology before even leaving the house in the morning!  The translation industry, amongst many others, has benefited hugely from the advent of technology.