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August 29, 20170

by future-trans

We’re all aware of China’s considerable clout in the business and technology sectors around the world.  Most households across the globe contain at least one appliance or piece of equipment manufactured within Asia’s most influential country.  Although much is known about China’s manufacturing, the country is also extremely active in other areas.  

August 13, 20170

by future-trans

Imagine going to your local doctor, bank or supermarket and discovering that you are unable to communicate with the people there as you did not understand their language and vice versa.  How would you tell the doctor what was wrong or explain to the bank clerk that you would like to open an account?

August 3, 20170

by future-trans

In today’s world, technology is increasingly important in our day to day lives.  Most of us have used two or three types of technology before even leaving the house in the morning!  The translation industry, amongst many others, has benefited hugely from the advent of technology.  

July 9, 20170

by future-trans

We’ve all heard the amusing stories of times when bad translation has led to confusion and hilarity; John F Kennedy telling the people of Berlin that he is a donut and Jimmy Carter telling a Polish audience “When I abandoned the United States”, however, some errors in translation are not only un-funny but, sometimes fatal. 

July 9, 20170

by future-trans

In recent years, many sectors within African countries have seen significant improvement and growth, including major increases in commerce and e-commerce with particular countries such as Nigeria proving themselves a force to be reckoned with.

Although these important changes are helping to re-shape countries previously thought to be third world, there are still improvements to be made and none more so than Africa’s healthcare sectors. 

June 6, 20170

by future-trans

When the film ‘The Hangover’ was released, as with many other films, some territories around the world changed the film’s title slightly to better suit local audiences – a practice which is widely used and accepted by film-makers.  In this instance, however, the studio were horrified to discover that France had changed the name of the movie to ‘Very Bad Trip,’ thus completely changing the meaning of the name and, possibly misleading customers.

June 5, 20170

by future-trans

Future Trans, a leading provider of professional translation services in MENA, will participate in LocWorld34 taking place in Barcelona, Spain from 14th of June to 16th 2017.

“Europe has always been a spot for us to extend our global reach to. Attending LocWorld34 in Spain means a lot to our business growth, we need to meet with our existing customers and discuss new business opportunities with other industry professionals” Said Mohamed Karim, Business Development Manager at Future Trans.